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Village life in Kerala

If you are an admirer of nature and are looking for a break from the routine city life then a tour to Kerala and its villages is bound to prove refreshing for you. The village life in this God’s own Country is serene, and peaceful — very much like the country life you would expect, and its natural surroundings and the beautiful landscape makes it even more appealing.

What is village life like in Kerala
Kerala is known for the abundance of scenic locales, Backwaters, beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries. It is a peaceful and attractive place to travel to and gain enriching experiences. Villages of Kerala too form a part of a similar string of eye-opening revelations.

On reaching any of these villages you are struck by the pastoral ambience and then by the lifestyle of the villagers. It is a much laid back life for them. It is not like the fast paced lives of the city dwellers. They lead a very simple life, and they seem contended with what they are, and what they have.

The village life is more rooted in its traditions and offers a culturally rich dimension to Kerala. They follow the age old set traditional values and lead their lives in a set pattern. In their own way, these villages retain the old charm of the by-gone era.

Dedicated tours to Villages in Kerala
Kerala beckons you to dedicated tour packages to these charming villages of Kerala. The village life is agriculture based; therefore you find rivulets, plantations, paddy fields, floral gardens everywhere you go. Thatched huts made amidst green foliage make the villagers feel one with the nature.

Most of the villages display their diverse vegetation, swelling grasslands, natural trails, and evergreen forests. Ranipuram and Aranmula are two such villages which can be reached easily through a toured package, and you can stay in comfortable accommodations there. Ranipuram is known for trekking, mountain climbing and adventurous excursions. On the other hand, Aranmula can be enjoyed best at the time of Onam celebrations with the snake boat carnival and race.

Village life in Kerala makes you sense the timelessness. The time seems to come to a standstill. Your urbanized daily worries leave you instantly and the fresh air fills you with tranquility. The pure air refreshes, and you tend to become spiritual.

Even a brief stay in a Kerala village will revive your senses and will prepare to take on the world, and win the everyday battle that you have to fight in your daily life. The villages here work as cleanser of human soul.