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A Life of Seclusion in Kerala Tree Houses

World over, Kerala is a known for tourism. Its backwaters, islands, beaches, food, healing therapies, scenic tranquility, and not to forget, the tree houses tantalize the senses and rejuvenates one’s inner self. Kerala’s tree houses are famous for the life of seclusion that they have to offer in the lap of nature.

Luxury tree house accommodation
To unravel the mystery of ‘living in seclusion’, one needs to move out of the towns and head straight towards peaceful Kerala tree houses. They offer luxurious accommodation that makes one feel ‘at home’.

Traditional Erumadam, now known as tree houses, were initially conceptualized by forest tribes to protect themselves from the wild animals. Tree Houses are beautiful wooden cottages built atop a tree generally at a height of 20-90 feet above the ground. For the tree lover I must tell that the trees are not hurt much in the process and often the trunk forms a part of the cottage’s interior or the pillars.

The raw materials used in construction are eco-friendly. Materials such as bamboo poles, coir mats, hay, straw, and the tree itself are used to construct a luxurious tree house. This not only employs tribes, but also enables the visitors to feel the culturally rich state and enchantingly peaceful natural surroundings. Moreover, healthy organic food is offered, and natural sources of energy (kerosene lanterns or solar energy to light up bulbs) are used to maintain the serenity of the forest.

Comfortable beds, flushable toilets, attached bathrooms and running water in showers and wash-basins enhance one’s pleasurable home-like stay.

Art of Living
What these amazing Kerala tree houses have to offer is far beyond a life of seclusion. It is a way of spending some precious moments with oneself alone amidst natural surroundings. One can unfold oneself and get rejuvenated by feeling one with the mother earth.

Tree houses offer moments of seclusion with family sans electronic gadgets and the hectic life schedules. This not only strengthens relations, but also induces love towards the nature on the whole.

Typically, a Kerala tree houses is situated in amazing tropical rain forest, the view around it is spectacular. You can see tea and spice plantations from the windows of a tree house. One can indulge in bird-watching, wild life safari trips, mountain biking, and trekking among other activities as offered by the Tree House packages.

One feels re-born and mesmerized with the natural beauty around. The fascinating Kerala tree houses offer a breath-taking experience that stays in one’s memory for a life time.