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Kerala Travel Tips

Visiting Kerala can be an enriching experience for any tourist. The bewitching Backwaters, romantic beaches, mystifying hills, and the real village life, all entrap the tourists in their exquisite natural beauty. The visitors just need some travel tips to make their Kerala experience memorable.

Travel tips for Kerala summers
Although tourists used to avoid the summer season of Kerala as the mercury rises to 35 degrees centigrade during the months of February to May, but now, many love Kerala even in these months. It is essential to

Carry sun glasses and sun-screen body lotions to protect oneself from the glaring sun.
Wear light cotton clothes to beat the heat
Drink lots of coconut water as it replenishes the body with essential salts and minerals, and protects the body from getting dehydrated.
Enjoy the evenings on the glorious beaches of Kerala and feel the cool winds tangle your hair.

Travel tips for Kerala monsoon
The monsoon season is divided into the South-West and the North-East monsoon. In between are the two pleasant months of September and October which are full of festivities. It were these two months that were frequented by tourists earlier, but now, even the monsoon season offers plenty sources of entertainment. The entire state seems to be bathing in water and appears spic and span. Following a few tips can make the visit even more pleasurable:

It is imperative to carry an umbrella or rain-wear as the sudden down-pour can drench one to the skin. In-fact, it goes for all throughout the year, because it can rain anytime in Kerala.
Wear loose, cotton clothes, because the humidity can be really irritating at times.
Never forget to carry a camera and a pair of binoculars (for bird watching), because you never know what the natural abundance in Kerala has in-store for you to capture for posterity.
Take a houseboat ride in the Backwaters to experience the real Kerala in the full glory of its rural life.
Rejuvenate yourself with an exotic Ayurvedic body massage. Monsoon season is considered best for this.

Remembering simple travel tips while touring Kerala can make the whole trip a self-stimulating and exhilarating experience.