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History Of Kerala

Kerala known even in 3000BC
One can find reference to Kerala in the chronicles of international trade as early as 3000 BC. Kerala was at the centre of spice trade back then, and it traded with Sumer.

Kerala’s geographic location provided it the required leverage as it had direct contact across the Arabian Sea with all the major ports of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Ports of Kerala used to be busiest, and used to drive world economy through spice trade.

Kerala separates linguistically in 10th century
During the 1 BC Tamilakan (combined region of Kerala and Tamil Nadu) was ruled by Chera Dynasty. The Cheras had trade links with the Roman Empire, China and West Asia. This is an established fact as the historians come across in various annals including the Sangam Literature.

In 573 BC Jews arrived in Kerala. Till date Jewish community lives in Cochin and other parts of Kerala with peace and harmony. By the 8th century Muslim merchants settled in Kerala and introduced Islam.

As the Chera Kingdom expanded by 10th century, Keralite identity changed and it linguistically separated from Tamils.

Colonial history
In 1498 Vasco Da Gama arrived in Kappad Kozhikode, and from then the Portuguese started controlling the pepper trade. There were a number of battles which lead to the Dutch East India Company taking control of the trade from the Portuguese. Eventually Dutch too surrendered, and this time, to British in 1795. During the British Rule Kerala remained peaceful sans major battles (except for Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan wanting to oust British, but finally giving up).

In 1947 India got independence from the British Rule, and subsequently Travancore and Cochin were merged together in 1949. In the year 1950, on Republic Day, Travancore-Cochin was recognized as a state.

Finally on 1st November 1956 the state of Kerala was formed by the States Recognization Act.

With such a happening and interesting history Kerala has always dotted the world map as well as the national map of India. One who visits Kerala cannot escape the charm of this state and its important sites marked by a myriad of historically important events.