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A Holy Visit to God’s Own Country- Kerala

Kerala — a county of palm trees, alternative medicines, oil message, fishermen, backwaters, and house boats. The serenity and divinity of Kerala has brought divine from the heavens on the ground and made it dance in eternal bliss with the locals. One visit to Kerala is sufficient to convey you why it is called God’s own country. No amount of telling, reading books, or Wikipedia can convey you this, as Kerala is the name of experience, not of a collection of facts and figures. No matter how much you read about Kerala, you have not seen it if you have not felt it.

What Kerala has to offer?
Kerala is a perfect holiday destination. The serenity of Kerala will transport you to the world beyond your imagination. Kerala has mystic touch to it; from its houseboats to oil massage to Kerala Backwaters, everything in Kerala has an occult feel, which transposes you to a higher level of existence where bliss is your eternal companion.

The beautiful Arabian Sea on the west side and a mesh of forty-four rivers, which was once route used by Romans, Greeks, Dutch, Chinese, Arabs, French, and British for spice trade, running through Kerala provide you a perfect escape from the hustle, bustle, and confusion of your daily life. The God’s country also has towering Western Ghats on the east to protect you from the prying eyes of the outside world.

Kerala welcomes you with open arms to take you into the unfathomable depth of its deep valleys, into never-ending calmness of serene backwaters that stretches from one end to the another end of Kerala, in the tight embrace of long and endless coastline, and in the maze of towering cloud-kissing mountains.

The architecture, cuisine, and literature of Kerala

How to reach Kerala
Kerala, which is located on the southwestern tip of India, is well-connected from the rest of the India through railway, roadway, and airway. There is a well-developed network of roads and every major city (and minors as well) has a railway station that connects it to rest of the country.

Kerala has three airports that handle a good load of international and domestic traffic. You can use any of the three airports to reach Kerala. The international airports are located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode.

Kerala – some basic facts
Kerala is one of the states of India which falls in the tropical climate zone. It is divided into 14 districts. Its total area is 38,863 square kilometers which give home to almost 32 million people. Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are the major religions in the state. Although Malayalam is the state language, English is widely spoken, so communicating with locals will not be difficult. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India.